Monday, February 06, 2012

Busy life

I want to apologize upfront about only posting when I have down days. It seems like the times I need to put words on paper are those that I have seen, read or heard about something terrible happening.

I have been incredibly cranky lately. I wonder if I have some sort of imbalance or mild depression. I snap at the littlest things, and I end up yelling at my kids (and husband) far more than necessary. I have been really tired, apathetic and generally disinterested in things. I think I am going to try upping my vitamin intake and see if that helps.

Now, in an unrelated subject, I want to write about something I heard about today about an old friend's family. Something that makes me very thankful for a kind and loving husband.

Today I learned of the death of my friend's nephews. Unfortunately, this family is no stranger to loss. Just over two years ago my friend's sister Susan disappeared. Nobody knows what really happened to her, at least nobody who was talking about it. The whole situation was pretty suspicious. It is a pretty high profile case. The police have been investigating it since her disappearance. This past weekend, her husband, who was "a person of interest" in the case, killed her two small children and himself.

I am having trouble grasping the thought of this whole situation. Susan's sister was my best friend in Junior high. Her family lived down the street from us (they still do in fact) I used to play at their house all the time There were many times when all of us girls would play in the yard together.

We are not close anymore, but I still grieve for my friends and neighbors. Not only have they lost their sister and daughter, but now these two precious children have been taken from them. Children that have been through a lot, way more than a 5 and 7 year old should have to, who were just starting to adjust to a somewhat happy life living with their grandparents.

Today I pray for this family who has been through so much already. I pray for them to have the strength to get through this. I pray for the Child Protective Services officer who witnessed the explosion first hand. I pray for Susan and her boys, who may already have been reunited in death. I pray for Chuck and Judy, Mary and the whole family, who have to shoulder the burden of loss yet again. I pray for the investigators on the case, that they can bring justice to this family and the truth to light. Only God knows what has really happened to Susan. I feel sure that He has already judged those responsible.

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