Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News from the Abyss...

So this has been an exciting summer. One where I felt like crap 90% of the time, and slept like 15 hours a day. We found out in Mid July that we are expecting baby #2, just in time for little man's second birthday. I guess we were aiming for two years apart, I just figured it would take a little longer than it did. Our due date is March 26th, but since it will be a repeat C-section, they want to do it about a week before my due date, making it around the 19th, only 5 days after little man's birthday. I am still deciding if we want to try for St. Patty's day instead, but I am just not sure about that. We are just out of the first trimester, and boy am I glad. I was so sick, much sicker than I was last time, and tired, ugh, I can't describe it! I thought i was tired before, but man, that was nothing!

Speaking of little man, he is 18 months old now, and I still can't believe it! He is getting so big, and so independent. He goes up the stairs standing now. He doesn't get that he is getting a little brother or sister yet, but it's a little early.
He knows what his belly button is, and where it is. He new favorite game is poke mommy in the belly button. Ouch. But it's cute. He also knows what his foot is. I say show me your foot and he kicks it up in the air.

This week has been rough, since little man is teething, again. This time it is his last molar and I think some canines. Hopefully lots of them, so we are done with teeth for a while. I remember back when he had none yet,and I was thinking, is this kid ever going to get teeth, now I just want him to be done. But he HAS gotten 10 teeth in under 6 months.

Okay, back to work for just a little while, then home to my family! Yay!