Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is the week!

So little man's birthday is Friday. I am very sad that he will be turning one, but excited too! We are having a little party on Saturday to celebrate. Oma and Opa are coming to visit also.

This week Daddy is in St. Louis. I have to have respect for all those single parents out there, because it is only tuesday and I am ready for him to come home. Little man was sick all last week (REALLY sick), and we are finishing up his antibiotics this week and he is on a nebulizer treatment. That, coupled with a time change (whoo daylight savings time) and the fact that mommy has a test on Wednesday that she really needs to study for, makes little man not want to go to sleep at night. Last night it was almost 10 when he finally went to sleep. So I didn't get much studying done. I guess I'll be up late tomorrow night.

I overslept this morning. Little man didn't want to get up either. I didn't have his bottles ready for daycare, and he had to have a breathing treatment before we left, and since daddy is gone, I had to drop little man off at daycare, so I didn't get to work until almost 9:45. Keeping in mind I need to be here by about 8:30, I was running just a little behind. Someday I'm going to get to work on time again, I swear.

Well, that is enough of my incoherant rambling for today I think.