Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holiday recap

The past few weeks have been hectic. And here I thought taking a few weeks off school would mean MORE time for me. Nope. I finished my class on December 17, and spent the rest of the week recuperating from the two tests in one week. ( I know, full time students have more than that a lot of times, but I'm a wuss!) We were supposed to leave for Nebraska on Saturday December 22, but the weather was not cooperative. So we played with our Christmas stuff (Santa came a few days early this year) Saturday and Sunday, then left on Christmas Eve.

We went and saw our new nephew that evening, and he is soo tiny, and adorable. Now, when I say he is tiny, I don't just think so because my kid is huge (and a 8lb 14 oz, was a birth), but Davis was only 5 lbs 2 oz at birth. So he is TINY! Holding him was like holding a baby doll.

After that we went to the in-laws, where we stayed pretty much the rest of the week. On Christmas Day we went to Cory's sisters house for dinner, it was tasty, especially the dressing (the part where I didn't have to cook was nice too) The rest of the week was spent shopping and lounging, or at least as much lounging as you can do with a 9 month old. Another one of Cory's sister came to stay for a few days mid week, and that was nice.

On Saturday, we went to see my grandma, who hadn't seen little man yet, and had a nice visit. Also, two of the Hubby's sisters and their kids, plus his third sister's kids (minus Davis) showed up for the weekend.

My in-laws have a pretty small, 3-4 bedroom house (one bedroom is the attic) and having 17 people there, 10 of them being kids, is INSANE! So it was loud, and there was a lot of crying going on. (Mostly the kids) :) But it was a good weekend.

All of the peole there distracted little man, and as a result he didn't nurse well, or sleep well the rest of the weekend. We rang in the new year with a whimper, and came home the next day.

The second I worked a half day, and when I came home, little man had oozy eyes, and the diagnosis was grim - he had pink eye. That meant no daycare till the oozing stopped. So hubby stayed home Thursday and I stayed home Friday (love the 1.5 day work week, I wish they all could be that way.) He ended up being out of daycare for two whole weeks. This week has been a little bit of an adjustment.

Yesterday, he walked around the kitchen, just holding one of my fingers, and not really needing it I don't think. He is growing up so fast. At daycare yesterday they had him sleep on a cot, insted of in his crib. Ahh!

Well, my quick post has turned into a novel, so I need to go wrap some things up here at the office. Thanks for reading!