Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I enjoy scrapbooking, which a lot of people think is a strange hobby for me. I enjoy the feel of the paper, and all of the stuff that you amass when you really get into it as a hobby. I am a stuff collector, and I have a lot of it. I love stuff. Sometimes I got up to my scrap space just so I can move my stuff around. I do also use some of my stuff to do some scrapping. My newest venture is that I am a Creative Memories Consultant. I originally joined last year because I was going to spend a lot of money at a show I hosted, and a lot of the things were in the consultant kit. Then in December, I deactivated, because I couldn't afford to buy more stuff. In May they gave recently deactivated consultants the opportunity to come back for free, so I did. But this time I decided to make a go of it. Maybe earn a little extra money for maternity leave, should I ever need to take it again.

That's all I have today. I'm tired. One of the cats knocked over a glass of water very early this morning (onto my laptop), and I have pretty much been up ever since. Joy.