Monday, February 05, 2007

So a lot has changed since my last post. (Go figure, it's been, what, 8 months?) Work has greatly imporoves with the absence of the crappy partner. Aside from him, Ken (one of the other interns) left for a position at a different company, and Ashley, our other intern, also left us this last summer to persue higher education, leaving just me in the intern department. Our draftsperson quit in October (whoo!) But we also hired a new intern in September, and an interior designer in October, (although mainly she just does the same kind of things the interns do.)

But the really big news is that my husband and I expecting the birth of our first child in March. Yeah, like I said, a lot has changed. Things are going pretty well so far, I have started to get pretty uncomfortable lately, but I think that can be expected in the 9th month of pregnancy. We don't know what we are having, and are kind of having trouble deciding on names, so hopefully before we go to the hospital we have SOMETHING picked out. We will have to see.